SONG PICK: Pavan – My Optical Best



SONG PICK: Pavan – My Optical Best

A few sounds express ‘spring’ and ‘nature’ better than the chirping of birds and one must be quite the curmudgeon to not feel an instant mood boost by this kind of noise. Add a heartbeat inspired rhythm and exquisitely bright vocals to it, introduce other kinds of sound to it as the tune progresses, and there you have it, “My Optical Best” the new single by London-based duo Pavan. “My Optical Best” comes ahead of the duo’s debut EP “Greenhouse Gases”, scheduled for June 25th on Dream Diary Records. The outdoorsy references do not come as a surprise given that Joe Robbins (vocals) and Will Lowes‘ (synths) work part-time as gardeners and florists – beauty to beauty! Listen to the reflective and super gorgeous “My Optical Best”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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