SONG PICK: Pet Fangs – Bitch, Baby.



SONG PICK: Pet Fangs – Bitch, Baby.

A title like “Bitch, Baby.” sets the stakes high, and so I had great expectations upon hitting the play-button. The first lines that singer Joe Stark delivers are “Girl, I want you more than money”, and I was sold. A song with that much swagger can only be crazy good – or should have never been released at all! In this case though it is easily the former because “Bitch, Baby.” is the new single by New Orleans-based quartet  Pet Fangsand it is as lush and sensual as a good Saturday night out on a hot Summer day, and absolutely irresistible.

Turns out, I got the intention of “Bitch, Baby.” right, because it was written in celebration of women and as a love letter to singer Joe Stark’s wife, who was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after the song was written. What an amazing testament to love, which hopefully comes with healing powers.

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