SONG PICK: Charles Cleyn – Decisions



SONG PICK: Charles Cleyn – Decisions

There is absolutely no reason why “Decisions”, the debut single by Charles Cleyn, couldn’t become one of this Summer’s big hits. The alluring pop track pulls all the right strings like lovely melody, pleasing guitar strumming, impressive harmonies, versatile vocals and a killer hook. All this makes “Decisions” a rather irresistible song, one that should find its ways to playlists and club DJs alike. 

Born and raised in Ottawa, Charles Cleyn swapped Canada with Germany and is currently living in Berlin. About his early years the singer/songwriter states:

“Music was always playing in the house. I grew up learning how to sing harmony and how to hold a tune.”

It is Berlin though, where “Decisions” recently won at the Berlin Music Video Awards  as documented in Charles’ charming daily video diary. Now, listen to “Decisions”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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