SONG PICK: Erika Davidson – Memory Lane



SONG PICK: Erika Davidson – Memory Lane

Sometimes, all it takes is one little line to let an entire story unfold: when Erika Davidson smoothly intones “I don’t want your name, but I need this dance”, heartbreak sets in immediately. “Memory Lane” is a bittersweet song, one that dances on the beautiful moments that have been, and all that could be yet won’t because of the still lingering past.

The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter provides the following about her new single:

“The song is about nostalgia, and how sometimes we use familiarity in someone new to fill a void left from the past. I’ve always had a love for cinematic sounds and I’m excited about this new song, because I was able to craft a lot of those elements into it using cello, piano, and ambient guitars.”

“Memory Lane” is almost fragile in its built and awesome in its wistfulness, and we add a serious tissues alert to it! Listen to “Memory Lane”, our super gorgeous Song Pick of the Day:

Photo Credit: @firehousecreative

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