SONG PICK: Altopalo – Terra



SONG PICK: Altopalo – Terra

A couple of Summers ago, I stumbled across Brooklyn-based four-piece Altopaloand loved their intelligent, somewhat quirky yet definitely appealing sound from the spot. Fast forward, Altopalo has been releasing several singles earlier this year, and continue to put out new music with their new super intriguing single “Terra”. A debut album titled “frozenthere” is on the horizon for early Fall.

When asked about some insight in regards to “Terra”, the band offers:

“Terra is a digital tear that drops in memoriam of human connection in the world of social media. It’s a question about what it means to be surrounded yet alone, yearning for validation and affirmation of life- an attempt to break through and share something real. Sounds were born from the slowing down of metal spoons clanking around, faux-orchestral guitar loops, and putting everything through breaking amps.”

And this is where Altopalo defy genre typical labels such as ‘electronic’, ‘industrial’ or ‘indie rock’ because it is all of that, and then again this sound is in its own sphere entirely. Find out for yourself, and listen to “Terra”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Riley Rennhack

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