SONG PICK: J. Marco – Truth



SONG PICK: J. Marco – Truth

There is something quintessential optimistic in “Truth”, the gorgeous new single by Nashville-based singer/songwriter J. Marco. The track is reminiscent of everlasting classics by Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and the likes, and there is no reason why “Truth” should not also become an enduring pop hit.

J. Marco provides the following insight:

“With ‘Truth’ I wanted to explore a merging of sounds; pop & rock, real & programmed instruments, to create something unique and forceful, while still catchy and relatable. I’m interested in creating a feeling in the listener through the sounds, not just words. That’s how I listen to music, and how music impacts me. The sounds have to be there first.”

This absolutely resonates with my personal music listening and discovery experience. “Truth” comes with a catchy melody full of drive and brightness, juxtaposed with J. Marco’s appealingly earthy and smokey vocals. Listen to “Truth”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Amber Davis

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