SONG PICK: Lucy Mason – Out Of The Blue



SONG PICK: Lucy Mason – Out Of The Blue

“Out Of The Blue” is a grand song full of nostalgia and melancholia, but also understanding and hope: nothing lasts forever and friends that have been once important to you can vanish into the blue. London-via-Sydney singer/songwriter Lucy Mason gives some background about “Out Of The Blue”:

Over the years things can change dramatically in friendships. Some friends move away, some have their life turned upside down by illness or hardship and some even just disappear completely out of your life for no reason. Suddenly you realise how different things are, and wonder how and when that happened. Nostalgia can be heart-breaking but it’s essential for our appreciation of one another. ‘Out Of The Blue’ is about all that change but it’s also about the best memories you have together.

After her 2017 debut EP, Lucy is working on a two-part full-length album – its “Side A” to be released on July 27.

Listen to “Out Of The Blue”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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