SONG PICK: Feel Freeze – Bridge To Your Heart



SONG PICK: Feel Freeze – Bridge To Your Heart

As a teaser for their upcoming album “Feathers and Scars”, Danish synth-pop duo Feel Freeze release the atmospheric single “Bridge To Your Heart”. The song is warm and fuzzy, balancing the fine line between melancholy and optimism, making us want to chime into the “there’s a bridge to your heart” line.

Feel Freeze state the following about their newest single:

““Bridge to Your Heart is about the connection to another human’s heart. Sometimes the road feels very long and full of challenges and obstacles so that the connection gets interrupted before you even get through. Other times it feels as if the connection is there the very first time you meet each other and perhaps even before you spoke a word together.The song also expresses that we wish to build bridges between people with our music and it is therefore an introduction to some of the themes on ‘Feathers & Scars’ which is filled with messages about equal rights, norms for gender and sexuality, feminism, queer- and trans politics.”

This explains the beautiful play with different moods, where the optimistic view wins, as the track is gorgeous in its sweeping brightness and hopefulness. Listen to “Bridge To Your Heart”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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