SONG PREMIERE: The Makeout Club – Lose Yourself



SONG PREMIERE: The Makeout Club – Lose Yourself

Sometimes, people know me better than I know myself… When someone sends me their new single with “I think it’s right up your alley”, I am naturally skeptical because what do they know! This coming from Robert Granata and his longtime band The Makeout Club though, I am already intrigued and positively biased. What he does not know though is HOW much I truly dig the song:

“Lose Yourself” unfolds deliberately, without giving too much away, with enough room for each element to shine including vocals and lyrics. The track very carefully intensifies, morphs into a full-fledged dance pop number, a dreamy and super gorgeous one.

Robert provides the following insight:

“Lose Yourself is a track about waking up one morning and not understanding where you are. Who your friends are and the decisions you’ve made. Were they the best for you? Is it alright to lose yourself? Or is it better to turn and face yourself? Step inside and see what awaits…”

Listen to the beautifully lush “Lose Yourself”, our Song Pick of the Day and exclusive premiere:

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