SONG PICK: Dysplay – Hey Charli



SONG PICK: Dysplay – Hey Charli

“Hey Charli” by Los Angeles-based duo Dysplay hits all the right tones with its warm and fuzzy vibe and catchy melody. Behind the moniker Dysplay are Eric Scullin and Devin Hoffman, two seasoned musicians with impressive backgrounds in production, songwriting, and composition, which they put to great use on their brand new single. The duo deliver the following insight:

“’Hey Charli’ a song about how people have a tendency to hear what they want while perhaps ignoring underlying problems, whether in a relationship, in the news media, or wherever else,” Scullin explains. “The character of Charli represents a sort of split personality, someone who can deceive and yet be deceived just as quickly. Sonically, we wanted to create a world that the listener enters and exits with musical bookends, where the song can be interpreted a different way with each listen.”

And that is exactly what happens: one wants to listen to the track again and again, discovering something new in the process, and intensify the dreamy feeling. Listen to “Hey Charli”, our super gorgeous Song Pick of the Day:

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