SONG PICK: Ume – Crushed



SONG PICK: Ume – Crushed

“Do not grow up” and keep your dreams alive. That is Lauren Larson’s advice in the new video “Crushed” of Austin-based trio Ume.

She gives some further background about the song:

It’s a love song to my daughter,” she continued. “It’s also a reminder to ourselves to keep chasing those feelings of our youth – that feeling awoken in me as a kid in the front row of the Fugazi concert, losing myself in the madness of the music while wondering, “Can I be in a band too? I want to play guitar like this. I want to make people feel like this.

Ume releases their new album “Our Nature” next Friday on July 20.

Watch the video for “Crushed”, directed by Vanessa Pla:

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