SONG PICK: Parrot Dream – Light Goes (In Mines)



SONG PICK: Parrot Dream – Light Goes (In Mines)

With guitar tones so lush and bright and exquisite vocals to match the overall caressing vibe, “Light Goes (In Mines)” feels like one beautiful, never-ending day dream. Brooklyn-based duo Parrot Dream hit the soft spot in all of us. This is irresistible gorgeous!  Parrot Dream consists of Christina Hansen Appel (vocals, keys) and Gonzalo Guerrero (guitar) who have met in Santiago, Chile in 2013, and later relocated to New York. “Light Goes (In Mines)” is the first single from their upcoming album “Light Goes” released on Good Eye Records on August 24th, 2018. Listen to the mesmerizing “Light Goes (In Mines)”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Record Release show on August 24th at Union Pool. More info here.

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