VIDEO PREMIERE: Oriel Poole – Brighter



VIDEO PREMIERE: Oriel Poole – Brighter

While the title of the new Oriel Poole single is „Brighter“, it starts in a dark corner, with Oriel seductively whispering in your ear over slithering bass lines and heavy beats. Then, as the song progresses, she is releasing you with lighter notes and swirling synths – after all her vision is to inspire us in the most positive way:

My mission on this planet is to use my voice. I am here to take all of my knowledge and understanding as a creator of all forms (as a singer, designer, creator of events, producer of music, and manager of people) to bring an art form to the world designed to inspire / connect people to a higher source, through the human experience.

Director S-hekh Shem Hetep adds the perfect visuals with colorful nocturnal scenes in the bedroom and blurring city lights. Oriel describes it as „a retro-sensual take into a girl’s fantasy“, complete with a mysterious lover, played by dancer JULIO.

Oriel Poole is a U.K.-born, L.A.-based musician and visual artist, who is engaged in numerous collaborations. „Brighter“ is part of her debut EP „Sunday“. She will perform at the Waterhouse x Harmonia Spa Party next Saturday, July 28, in Sausalito, CA.

Watch the sensual „Brighter“, our exclusive video premiere and Song Pick of the Day below:

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