SONG PICK: Polartropica – Golden Soul (Video)



SONG PICK: Polartropica – Golden Soul (Video)

Ihui Cherise Wu aka Polartropica likes to fuse polar opposites together in her music. We noticed that already with her 2017 track “Olympia” and her new offering “Golden Soul” goes a similar way: on one hand it is a shimmering, sprawling pop song with chipper vocals, on the other hand it deals with one of the darkest tragedies our time: prescription-medicine-induced heroin addiction.
But there is also the funny and heartwarming video: watch Ihui as a force-wielding super villain, who finds – quite literally – her golden soul in bright bubble gum visuals. And coincidentally, we will have similar story in a video next Monday, told from a completely different musical and visual angle.

Watch Polartropica’s video “Golden Soul” below:

Listen on SoundCloud:

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