SONG PREMIERE: Ocean Pleasant – Up ‘Til Six (feat. Knight)



SONG PREMIERE: Ocean Pleasant – Up ‘Til Six (feat. Knight)

Listening to the blissfully bright and surprisingly tender “Up ‘Til Six”, images like holding hands while watching a sunrise or having an early breakfast together at a beach cafe come to mind yet none of these ideas would meet what Ocean Pleasant was aiming for when she worked on the song. The folk pop singer-songwriter reveals:

“When Knight sent me the instrumental, I was immediately struck with a sense of summertime nostalgia. This song tells the story of feelings gone unreciprocated. I wanted to write an upbeat observance of rejection; a change of pace from your typical sad ballad. Nothing good or bad, just ‘This is what went down, and that’s okay.'”

That comes unexpected and makes the track even more interesting and sort of reassuring even. For “Up ‘Til Six”, Ocean Pleasant collaborated with emerging alternative electronic artist Knight, who says about the project:

“This song started kind of randomly, but everything just fell into place. Ocean and I usually have pretty different writing styles. We thought there might be a bit of work to make a song that made sense to both of us, but everything we wrote was just, ‘Oh yeah, that sounds cool, okay.’ It flowed really well.”

The seemingly easy collaboration process shows, because “Up ‘Til Six” is magnificent in its carefree flow and the delivery of positive, feel-good vibes, contrasting Ocean Pleasant’s ethereal vocals with Knight’s more earthy ones. Looks like two independent musicians can reach even greater heights together. More of this please!

We are thrilled to exclusively premiere the summer gorgeous “Up ‘Til Six”. Listen now to our Song Pick of the Day premiere:

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