SONG PICK: Henry Nowhere – Not Going Back



SONG PICK: Henry Nowhere – Not Going Back

“Not Going Back”, marks the second single and title track from Henry Nowhere‘s upcoming EP and it is captivating in its mellow flow. Like a mantra, Henry Moser aka Henry Nowhere repeats the three words again and again, to assure the listener and to promise himself to “Not Going Back”, be it back to bad habits or back to unhappy places or back to… fill in the blanks.

Quite honestly, listening to “Not Going Back”, I do not want to do anything but unwind for a little while and just indulge in the gorgeous melody, the enchanting vocals and positive vibes. Looks like Henry Nowhere had something similar in mind as well when he explains:

“For me music serves the purpose of giving the listener that sort of care free getaway in a 3 minute bite-size form. That was my goal for this song and most of the EP for that matter.”

For the past four years, Henry has been touring globally with Day Wave but luckily also found the time for his own project which we are looking forward to. Listen to “Not Going Back”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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