SONG PICK: Teen Ravine – Bad Dream



SONG PICK: Teen Ravine – Bad Dream

Toronto-based duo Teen Ravine, comprised of Nick Rose and Dan Griffin, continue where Lionel Ritchie left off 35 years ago. Their new single “Bad Dream” with its soulful piano and mellow vocals is reminiscent of “Penny Lover” in its beautiful melancholy and overall solid early 80s vibe. The lyrical context is a different one though, as Teen Ravine explain:

“We want to get close but not too close – a sentiment that may as well be the hallmark of our generation’s struggle with the desire for and fear of intimacy. Our collaborations were born out of our apartment studios in Toronto in the spring of 2016. We explored themes of emotional alienation through the obsessive intimacy of bedroom recordings, all while aspiring to the west-coast pop/R&B vibe of the late 1970s and early 1980s.”

Well done because “Bad Dream” definitely sports that feel and comes ahead of a full length EP to drop on August 31st. Something to look forward to!

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