SONG PICK: Danelle Sandoval – Hands (feat. French Braids)



SONG PICK: Danelle Sandoval – Hands (feat. French Braids)

Hesitant at first, only a few rain drops sprinkling the city streets, before settling for a pattern of a steady drizzle, a light Summer rain is welcomed for its refreshing feel and is fascinating in its rhythm. The same goes for “Hands”, the new gorgeous single by Danelle Sandoval. The now Toronto-based artist collaborated on “Hands” with producer French Braids. “Hands” is the second single of her upcoming EP “For Love” and Danelle Sandoval opens up about her move and working together with French Braids:

“I was in a weird creative funk in LA. I kept going to sessions not knowing what to write or just didn’t connect with what I was writing about. I lived in LA practically all my life and at some point I started to feel a little jaded. It wasn’t until I wrote with French Braids in LA who was visiting from Toronto where things started to really click. From there, I made the most spontaneous decision of my life to semi-base myself in Toronto and split time between cities.”

If such glistening song beauties are the result of calling two cities in two different countries your home, then all the more power to those who make such decisions! Listen to the appealingly airy “Hands”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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