VIDEO PREMIERE: Deitre – Feeling Good



VIDEO PREMIERE: Deitre – Feeling Good

“Feeling Good” by New York-based glam rock duo Deitre, is a superbly upbeat track, that takes its title seriously and so does the video which we are excited to exclusively premiere today. “Feeling Good” is one of the eleven tracks of Deitre’s last year released debut album and it got some fitting visuals that will put a big, deeply felt smile on your face.

Directed and edited by Olaa Olabi and colored by Vito DiMaio, singer/songwriter Richie Bee and guitarist/producer Peter Savad star in the music video, together with their live band mates Andre Pena on bass and Joseph D’Amico on drums, as well as a large, diverse group of joyous bar folks and concertgoers. 

When asked about “Feeling Good”, Richie Bee told us:

“A lot of the songs on our album are about standing up for what you believe in, chasing your dreams, & accepting yourself. I hope that as a band we bring people together, and start to break social stereotypes. Actually, that’s exactly what “Feeling Good” is about. Simply feeling good & beautiful in my own skin – and obviously hoping that you’ll join in on the ride.”

While we loved the debut album already, I fell hard for “Feeling Good” and will surely revisit it again, when times get tough (like in January each year) to opt in for a visual and sonic dose of “Feeling Good”. Watch “Feeling Good” now:

Come and see Deitre live when they play The Delancey on Saturday, August 25th. The stellar video will make an appearance too! More info HERE.

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