SONG PICK: Margot Polo – Dance With Me



SONG PICK: Margot Polo – Dance With Me

No room for misinterpretation because “Dance With Me” goes directly after your partner’s hand, so you can head onto the dance floor together. While the lyrics are to the point, the music doubles down on the theme with its four-on-the-floor dance beat and its overall blissful vibe. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and producer Margot Polo is onto something magical here with his enchanting vocals and the classy feel of this dance-pop gem. The joyful dance track encompasses a crowded dance floor with no room to do anything than to shake your legs and arms but asks for some proper space with room to dance a Foxtrot or the likes. Then again, “Dance With Me” is just as perfect to listen to while walking down a busy street or to do absolutely nothing while enjoying the tune. Listen to “Dance With Me”, our Song Pick of the Day: 

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