SONG PICK: Joe Wood – Parking Lots



SONG PICK: Joe Wood – Parking Lots

“Parking Lots” brims with feelings of youth and falling in love, when everything was still possible but nothing was ever easy. The irresistibly catchy track is the new single by electro-pop artist Joe Wood and would make a compelling soundtrack addition to any romantic movie, with its anthemic chorus and joyful feel.

Curious, how Joe came up with the idea for his new song, especially living in a city where all the people I know don’t even have cars and wouldn’t spend their time at a parking lot, I asked him. I am glad I asked because I would have never guessed! Here is what inspired the bubbly track:

I grew up on Long Island, about an hour away from the city. I sold my car to move out here! The song is 100% inspired by those suburban nights, hopping in the car with friends and seeing where the night takes you. It’s not necessarily ABOUT being reckless but it’s about learning from taking those risks in your adolescence. I guess I tried to follow the rules in school and when I was with my friends outside of class, I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about myself and who I really was.”

Whether in a movie, or your next party playlist, there is a million good reasons to listen to “Parking Lots”, our Song Pick of the Day:

See Joe Wood live come Thursday, August 30th at the Bowery Electric. For more info click here.

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