SONG PICK: Hollow Hand – Made Up My Mind



SONG PICK: Hollow Hand – Made Up My Mind

Featuring “Made Up My Mind” was a no-brainer, because the new single by Brighton-trio Hollow Hand is magically beautiful, with its intriguing harmonies and enchanting chord progressions. While thinking what else to write, my eyes fell on what the band’s frontman Max Kinghorn-Mills‘ has to say about their upcoming full-length album, and that truly got me:

“The album is about hope – positivity – looking to the beauty of the past for reasons to carry on.”

This statement captures my feelings towards “Made Up My Mind” exactly, with the song reminiscent in its vibe of some late 60s and early 70s classics, yet being firmly rooted in the 10s of this century. The longevity and allure of positivity.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, the slightly wistful and definitely super gorgeous “Made Up My Mind”:

Stream “Made Up My Mind” on Spotify:

Photo by: Lauren Joy Kennett Photography

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