Q&A with Axel Flóvent (#airwaves18)



Q&A with Axel Flóvent (#airwaves18)

Next up in our Iceland Airwaves 2018 pre-coverage is singer/songwriter Axel Flóvent, whom we are looking forward to seeing live this year. Born in the small and remote fishing village Husavik, Iceland, Axel Flovent now lives in Brighton, U.K. We reached out to Axel, and he was kind enough to provide answers to our questions. To get into the mood, listen to the brand new and wistfully gorgeous “Years”, and then read on:

Q: What was the first album you have ever bought? Digital, vinyl, CD or cassette tape?
A: “Encore” by Eminem on CD when I was 10

Q: Do you still own this album?
A: hahh No, haven’t listened to it in years.

Q: At what age did you see your first live show/ concert? And who was it?
A: I think the first live show I saw was a Beatles covers band in Denmark when I was 10 turned my attention from Eminem to learning bunch of Beatles songs.

Q: Is there a song you’d like to cover?
A: I’ve not done. But thinking about picking few for my tour to play around with. Either “fallingforyou” or “Somebody Else” by The 1975. Also thinking about doing a song by Phoebe Bridgers.
Might end up being something completely different.

Q: What’s your songwriting process like? What comes first, melody or lyrics?
A: Most of the time I start with the melody, I start with some kind of soundscape in production. And a melody comes after that. Lyrics floats most of the time on top of it in the process and I settle down, verse – chorus melodies and lyrics with stripping down the whole thing to just vocals and a acoustic guitar or piano and sometimes I work it to a more band sounding song or keep it stripped down. But it depends on ma mood as well.

Q: The first festival announcements for Iceland Airwaves 2018 have been made. Whom are you looking forward to see?
A: Can’t wait for Jade Bird, Been a big fan of her for a while. Saw Aurora two years ago at airwaves – she was amazing, excited to see her again. Very excited to see Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail as well.

Q: Sadly, we missed your show(s) during Iceland Airwaves 2016 but will change it this year! What can we expect? Do you have other musicians with you on stage or all solo? Either way, we’re already excited!
A: Yeah, Gonna have my band with me, gonna try to do something cozy acoustic as well! One proper big show and one cozy is the goal.

Q: There is music day and night during Iceland Airwaves. What is your top one non-music related recommendation to do/to see while in Reykjavík?
A: I love the lighthouse in Seltjarnarnes, so I highly recommend takin a cold walk by the ocean to the Lighthouse.

Q: Where can you get a tasty and affordable meal in Reykjavik?
A: Bio Burger is my favourite burger place in Reykjavik! It’s all organic, best veggie/vegan burger I’ve had.

Q: If you could have any musical instrument in the world, which one would it be and why?
A: A upright piano, I could live in the sound of an old upright. Gives me endless amount of inspiration.
Maybe also because I don’t have one.

Q: If you could choose to live in a decade (music, style, etc.) which one would it be?
A: I would love to see how it was being a musician before the internet took over. So I guess I’m most intrigued to see how it was in the 80’s.

Thank you so much for your time, Axel! Lovely to read your answers, and I just checked how long it would take me to walk to the lighthouse. Something over an hour, but it looks very tempting. The 80s to check out how life as a musician was without the Internet? Intriguing indeed, let’s have a chat… hope to see you during the festival.

Connect with Axel Flóvent on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and stream his music on Spotify:

Photo by: Omar N. Rosalina

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