SONG PICK: Boniface – Dear Megan (VIDEO) (#Airwaves2018)



SONG PICK: Boniface – Dear Megan (VIDEO) (#Airwaves2018)

Listening through all the new announcements for Iceland Airwaves 2018, I fell immediately and thoroughly for “Dear Megan” by Winnipeg-based artist Boniface. The song is beautifully upbeat, equipped with an instantly catchy hook and feel-good vibes.

I reached out to Micah Visser, who goes by Boniface, to find out more about his irresistible banger and charming video to “Dear Megan”. This is what Micah answered me:

“I tried not to overthink the writing process for this one! From the first demo, it had a special energy I wanted to preserve. When the band hopped on board with it and when we recorded it we were just trying to let it lead us.”

And it comes even better, at least for those of us who are going to see Boniface live**:

“We open our set with it and it’s a really fun way of saying hello to a crowd. Very excited to play it in Iceland for the first time.”

Watch the delightful band video for “Dear Megan” and/or listen to the track, our Song Pick of the Day:

**Currently on tour in the U.S., check the dates.

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