SONG PICK: Evvol – Song For The Broken Hearted (Rollin’)



SONG PICK: Evvol – Song For The Broken Hearted (Rollin’)

Here is new music from Berlin-based electro-pop duo Evvol: “Song For The Broken Hearted (Rollin’)” is exactly about what the title suggests: heartbreaks are frequent, but part of modern life is to get over them. Julie Chance and Jane Arnison give some background about the track:

These songs were written looking inwardly at how we cope when faced with challenges. Escaping into hedonism and really just running from the mad, fucked up world we live in.”

Sonically “Song For The Broken Hearted” boasts this attitude perfectly with a delicate, uplifting, jazzy synth-pop and a sing-along chorus, ready to be used as a mantra for overcoming your next adverse situation: “We’re rolling when our hearts are broken”.

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