Mondo.NYC back in its 3rd year: October 2-5, 2018



Mondo.NYC back in its 3rd year: October 2-5, 2018

Remember the inaugural Mondo.NYC in 2016 and its follow-up last year? The global business conference and festival uniting music and technology, with emerging artists, innovators and industry insiders? We sure do, and you can get a glimpse of the past too by glancing at 2016 and 2017 photos and articles here.

But why dwell on what was yesterday, if there is a new opportunity to learn everything about new trends in music business, connect with music professionals, experience innovation at first hand and listen to music from exciting emerging local acts but also from as far as Syria or India and France or Hungary, with many other countries in between.

Mondo.NYC 2018 will take place from October 2nd to 5th. During the day, the main hub will be the beautiful Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn and at night the independent music venues on the Lower East Side will welcome bands from all over the world.  For the exact locations, simply check out the conference schedule with a music schedule and/or app yet to come.

Ever wanted to know about Blockchain and how it might become the next big thing in music business? Mondo.NYC 2018 is just the place to learn everything there is about it. There will be many more topics covered too and we still need to dive into all the highly interesting topics a bit more thoroughly. Still two weeks to go!

Looking through the showcasing bands, we are psyched to see various familiar names whom we love seeing live, to a point that we have also featured some of them at one of our monthly glamglare parties. That titbit aside, call us biased but here are our personal, special local recommendations: åMBeEkurtisGabrielle MarlenaGIRL SKINHoneyChromeHopper Race, Joe Wood, Late Guest at the PartyMars Motel, New MythsRYAL, Satellite Mode and Scratch.

Yet we are equally enthusiastic to see international bands playing club stages like Brass Phantoms (Ireland), Casper Skulls (Canada), Crosa Rosa (U.K.), Frankiie (Canada), Iress (Los Angeles, USA), Ivan & The Parazol (Hungary), Little Wise (Australia), Our Lady Peace (Canada), Stevans (‘Europe’) – with more yet to be discovered!

Our (pre)-coverage has just begun. More as we get closer with having a bit more time to really listen to everyone.

For more info about Mondo.NYC go here, for tickets go here, and follow us along on our socials as we cover the festival.

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To get a taste, listen to our Mondo.NYC 2018 playlist – which will see more additions as we get closer:

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