SONG PICK: The Buoys – Arm Wrestle



SONG PICK: The Buoys – Arm Wrestle

Let’s stay in Sydney, Australia for another Song Pick of the Day of a different kind. The Buoys are the indie rock four-piece of Zoe (vocals), Anthea (guitar), Ros (bass) and Tess (drum) and their latest song is about a mental arm-wrestle with oneself. “I’m just trying to process all the relevant information,” Zoe sings, but that does not help her much to determine if things are going fine or really bad. One can imagine that in this state of mind she would meet with some friends and express her feelings in an honest, fuzzy guitar rock song.

„Arm Wrestle“ will be on The Bouys‘ second EP „Split Lip“. Listen to the song below on Spotify or SoundCloud:

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