NEW MUSIC: Twelve Ballet – Hello, how are you? Album



NEW MUSIC: Twelve Ballet – Hello, how are you? Album

When the music of Australian duo Twelve Ballet plays, time passes a little slower. There is something laid back and reflective about their songs and singer Sam Hope is never in a rush to bring her message across. On their new album it is about the titular, mostly rhetorical question “Hello, how are you?”, which is hard to answer in times when things are definitely not fine.

Musically, the siblings Sam and Ben Hope took one more step away from the pop music of their beginnings under the name Glider Pilots. “Hello, how are you?” is sparsely instrumented, some guitars, some piano, a few drum hits, but they decisively stay away from an acoustic dogma by throwing in some synth lines here and there. All in all the album has a jazzy feeling, which emphasizes the intimacy of Sam’s vocals.

The stellar album “Hello, how are you?” is written and recorded entirely by the Twelve Ballet and is out now. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify:

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