SONG PICK: Exploded View – Dark Stains



SONG PICK: Exploded View – Dark Stains

Exploded View is an international trio based in Mexico City and Berlin. “Dark Stains” is a dark, unsettling song in the veins of Factory Floor or, if you want to go further back in time, Liaisons Dangereuses. Singer Annika Henderson barely raises her voice over the noisy, sinister beats of Hugo Quezada and Martin Thulin, as if she wants to inject her thoughts directly into your mind. She calls it “a song about a body who sees in themselves the errors of the past, yet flaunts behind the veils of inheritance and fails to take full responsibility for the present,” but the track invites you to create your own imagery in your head.

“Dark Stains” is on Exploded View’s second album “Obey”, out tomorrow on Sacred Bones. Listen below on YouTube or Spotify:

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