SONG PICK: Chavez Cartel – Bipolar Express



SONG PICK: Chavez Cartel – Bipolar Express

While Chavez Cartel might be new in this particular formation, and “Bipolar Express” their debut single, their songwriting craft and exquisite indie rock vibe sound too mature and refined for being possibly a ‘first’.

But who cares about such details if the music is as compelling as it is with “Bipolar Express” and its overall broody, yet delightfully melodic vibe. With an EP scheduled for early 2019, Chavez Cartel tackle topics like mental health, and especially of young men today when Ben Simpsons sings: “Bipolar Express oh where to next? Am I supposed to be the stronger sex?’”

Definitely one fresh alt rock act from Australia to follow! For now, listen to “Bipolar Express”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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