SONG PICK: Marie Davidson – So Right



SONG PICK: Marie Davidson – So Right

When I saw Marie Davidson two years ago at SXSW she used a table full of electronic equipment to create a powerful and menacing wall of sound, so impressive that she easily shooed away two policemen who arrived to enforce the Austin 2 am curfew. But her music back then had already a spark of pop in it that suggested that one day she will venture out to find a wider audience. That time might have come with her upcoming album “Working Class Woman” and with the lead single “So Right”. There are still the hammering synths and her deadpan speak-singing, but then she opens up the track by singing the chorus and throwing in some brighter, melodic tones.

“Working Class Woman” will be out on Ninja Tune later this year. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “So Right”:

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(Photo: Etienne Saint Denis)

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