PHOTOS: glamglare presents: SUMI, Rivita, Scratch, Camelo, Nina Luna



PHOTOS: glamglare presents: SUMI, Rivita, Scratch, Camelo, Nina Luna

With three shades of electro pop plus some groovy psych rock thrown in and topped off with singer/songwriter acoustic fare, this glamglare show at The Delancey appealed to a variety of musical tastes. This notion was supported by an audience who stayed throughout the night because each performance was simply exquisite!

Kicking off the evening was Nina Luna, who usually plays with a full band and went all acoustic this time, not only showcasing her gorgeous vocals but her serious songwriting chops as well. Songs show their full potential best when stripped down and we are looking forward to seeing Nina Luna live again with or without band!

Next up was Mike Wind from Denmark, who goes by the artist name Camelo. He started out with enjoyable synth pop and just when I settled for a nice and easy ride, Camelo picked up steam, when he added some serious guitar action to his overall awesome sound. Someone to follow!

The only more than one-member-act that evening came in form of Australia- and USA-based psych rockers Scratch, who performed in a formation of three that night but will soon be complete again when their new drummer joins. Scratch are a must-see for fans of the heavier side of indie rock, so catch them on Wednesday, 10/03 for Mondo.NYC, their live show is good fun!

Having met Rivita at this year’s SXSW, we were delighted to being able to featuring the super talented electro pop artist that night. Rivita understood to entertain the audience with charming stage banter, catchy pop songs and audience interaction.

Closing out the night on a high note was SUMI whom we loved long before we featured “Bullshit Detector” as #glamglarepick. SUMI’s stage presence was impressive and her show something for eyes and ears alike and many in the audience felt the pulsating beats as well, moving their bodies along.

All too soon it was 11pm and with that, time to come back to reality but this is a beautiful night to remember and we hope to be able to seeing each of these wonderful musicians again in the near future.

Browse through our show photos, and put our next show onto your calendar and come out on October 20, 2018.

All concert photos by – © 2018 Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard







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