SONG PICK: tamtam – Rise (Video)



SONG PICK: tamtam – Rise (Video)

tamtam lives in California, but was born and raised Saudi Arabia where women are extremely restricted in their rights. Throwing some light on this injustice and fighting for gender equality is a natural background for her music. Her latest future pop song “Rise” is about overcoming the resistance she faces with her music, but Saudi-born director Meshal Al Jaser turned into a statement against arranged marriage. It is a serious topic, but tamtam could find some humor in it. She recalls:

It was extremely hard for me not to laugh in the video as I had to keep a straight face next to a mannequin! Coming when summoned, serving orange juice, my character begrudgingly accepts a dowry and ring from her anonymous mannequin husband whom she weds in a surrealist, tropical nuptial celebration.

She also explains that the violent ending is not to be meant literal:

The character never really burns anyone. It was all just a fantasy, a vision of what her future life might have looked like had she gone through with this arranged marriage. Whether this revelation is a dream or nightmare is all a matter of perspective.

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