SONG PICK: Realworld – Perfect Vision



SONG PICK: Realworld – Perfect Vision

“Perfect Vision” is a beautifully laid back song, that makes you want to not do anything for a little while but listen. Truly listen, and maybe tapping your foot a bit to the rhythm of the drums and guitar strumming. The super chill track is the debut single by Brooklyn-based quartet Realworld, who set out per their own words:

“to create space for joy and self-expression in overwhelming and volatile socio-political times”.

With members from BIG MUFF RADIO and Journalism, Realworld is not new to the music scene, yet in this formation they are drawing inspiration from 90s pop-rock anthems and put their own spin on things. If “Perfect Vision” is any indication, Realworld are on to something really cool!

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day now:

Go see Realworld live on October 13 at Transpecos and then come out again on November 16, when Realworld will be part of the second to last glamglareLiveNYC party of this year.

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