NEW MUSIC: Hydrah – Return



NEW MUSIC: Hydrah – Return

Here’s a new one from L.A. via Minneapolis producer Hydrah. She delighted us with infectious dance tracks in the past, but now she goes a somewhat different direction: “Return” is an (almost) instrumental with a strong classical influence.

The way the track opens up into a grand soundscape it is no surprise that it is no surprise that is is inspired by nature. Katie Kramarczuk, the woman behind Hydrah, explains:

My new single “Return” is about the people and places that have shaped my personal identity. It was composed in the seclusion of the North Woods on the shores of Lake Superior, where I spent much of my childhood. I have interwoven sounds from my favorite park in my hometown Minneapolis – Boom Island Park – into the track.

“Return” is one of there tracks of her album “Nostos”, scheduled for release on November 9. Listen below:

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