SONG PICK: Charlee Remitz – Forever Like This



SONG PICK: Charlee Remitz – Forever Like This

Love and relationships are the favorite topic in pop music, but most songs focus on the dark side: trouble, breakups and abuse. For a change, here is a song that describes the most blissful, precious moment, when mutual love is sparked and everything seems possible. Naturally, this happens only rarely in life, but fortunately you can relive it in your memory and music like “Forever Like This” will help.

L.A.-based singer/songwriter Charlee Remitz sings the lyrics as if they flowed spontaneously through her mind while she walks on a sunny street to meet her newfound love. The music is the synth pop equivalent of a casually strummed guitar: it ebbs up an down in support of that weightless state of mind.

If you are in NYC don’t miss Charlee live at our showcase on Saturday, October 20!

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Forever Like This”:

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