SONG PICK: Sandra Kolstad – Halflife



SONG PICK: Sandra Kolstad – Halflife

In “Halflife” Norwegian musician Sandra Kolstad shows an unapologetic love for classic, well-crafted synthesizer sounds. The shapeshifting, epic track soars with swirling melodies before she unexpectedly geeks out with a 90 seconds Kraftwerk-esque instrumental outro that almost belongs into a different world. The two-faced music fits to the song’s purpose as Sandra explains:

HALFLIFE deals with paradoxes. Wanting someone who can not be had or choose something that is not entirely possible to choose. To live. To die. To be terrified yet overwhelmingly happy at the same time. Or simply to make heartfelt songs inside a modular vision…to which sometimes the only thing that helps is to dance!

“Halflife” is the first track from Sandra Kolstad’s upcoming album “Burning Love”. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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