SONG PICK: CAEZAR – Somewhere New



SONG PICK: CAEZAR – Somewhere New

“Somewhere New”, the new single by English indie-pop trio CAEZAR, impresses with a refreshing playfulness, beautiful vocals and some crazy catchy hooks. While thinking of an analogy to describe the exuberantly joyful vibe of the track, images of children playing with a ball came to mind, hair blowing in the wind, reddened faces, having fun.

Learning more about CAEZAR, the image doesn’t seem so far-fetched at all! Turns out, the two initial members of CAEZAR Chris Quiqley and Rich Gills were suffering from sport injuries, and had to call rugby quits. Luckily, they shared another passion besides ball sports and started to create music together. In 2017 Zoe Dwyer joined them on synths and background vocals, and their band was born.

Listen to the lovely “Somewhere New”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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