SONG PICK: Malka – Don’t Leave Me



SONG PICK: Malka – Don’t Leave Me

Scottish singer/songwriter Malka gives us a taste of her second album with an intelligent, well-crafted new pop song “Don’t Leave me” about the fear of loss. The track takes unexpected turns and does not let you off the hook until the last bar. It shines through that Malka is in full control of the music:

I have played all the instruments on the song myself again – but this time I have gone back to some of my acoustic roots – perhaps a hint of nostalgia has crept into my music since I have returned home, I have picked up a lot of my old instruments again. The song is about that desperate feeling of loss that you can have when someone leaves you, whether through death or from them moving on from your relationship.

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, “Don’t Leave Me” below:

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