SONG Pick: Lou Stone – Fictions



SONG Pick: Lou Stone – Fictions

The allure of “Fictions” is instant and enduring. The debut single by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lou Stone, convinces with solid songwriting, sparse instrumentation and a jazzy arrangement, giving room to Lou Stone’s charismatic vocals and letting them shine. Comparisons with Jeff Buckley’s vocal delivery might come up. In any case, with a debut like that, an artist should not have to worry.

Lou Stone provides the following about his debut:

“Fictions is a meditation on all the swirling uncertainty that goes with the end of any relationship. The bones of the song came naturally, and I love how it came to life in the studio”.

“Fictions” is as melancholic as it is beautiful and a sure treasure! Listen to “Fictions” our Song Pick of the Day:

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