SONG PICK: Vagina Lips – This Is A Good Life



SONG PICK: Vagina Lips – This Is A Good Life

Having had my music awakening in the 80s, and often been drawn to the darker, edgier side of sounds, I can never say ‘no’ to anything that even only remotely sounds as awesome as “This Is A Good Life” by Vagina Lips. The new single by Jimmy Polioudis, who goes by Vagina Lips, is a brooding, swirling. mesmerizing slice of post-punk.

I have it on repeat all day already because it has the potential to be the “Love Like Blood” of 2018. If the latter doesn’t ring a bell, no worries, listen to “This Is A Good Life”, our Song Pick of the Day, anyway:

“This Is A Good Life” will be part of Vagina Lips’ upcoming album, out on November 12 via Inner Ear Records.

Photo credit: Leah Miza



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