Q&A with Vök (#airwaves18)



Q&A with Vök (#airwaves18)

Today, Reykjavik’s music festival Iceland Airwaves, released their official app, on which attendees can favorite the bands they want to experience live. There is also a function that lets you see who has been “scheduled” the most and it comes as absolutely no surprise that Icelandic indie-electronic trio Vök currently holds the top position***. Trust the hype!

While we missed Vök, comprised of Andri Már, Margrét Rán, and Einar Stef in 2016, we could recently catch them live when they played in Brooklyn for A Taste of Iceland, and they were as fantastic live as we thought (and hoped) they would be. So, their show on Friday next week is definitely something to look forward to! In the meantime, we have a Q&A to hold us over. Margrét Rán was so kind to answer our questions:

Q: What was the last song that got stuck in your head?
A: The Bird – Anderson Paak

Q: Do you have a song from your childhood, one you always enjoy hearing again?
A: Seal – Kiss from a rose: Never gets old

Q: What was the first album you have ever bought? Digital, vinyl, CD or cassette tape?
A: I can’t remember if it was Nirvana – Nevermind or Metallica – Master of Puppets

Q: Do you still own this album?
A: ohhh YES

Q: The final festival announcements have been made. Whom are you looking forward to see?
A: Aurora, Blood Orange, Bríet

Q: Your recommendation for getting a tasty and affordable meal in Reykjavik?
A: In Grandi Mathöll. There is a collection of small restaurants in a big foodhall where you can choose from various places like traditional icelandic food, burgers, asian, fish and chips and more. It’s fun ! And go to Brauð&Co to get sweet pastries or sourdough bread , it’s AMAZING.

Q: There is music day and night during Iceland Airwaves. What is your top non-music-related recommendation to do/to see while in Reykjavík?
A: If the weather is being nice to you then i would recommend walking down the Laugarvegur, get a tasty cup of coffee at Reykjavík Roasters, Go to 12 Tónar record store or Lucky records and find some quality music. It’s fun going to the top of Hallgrímkirkja (the Church) to see the view over Reykjavik. It might be to touristy but it’s an option but if you have time then you should definitely get out of town haha

Q: We saw you at Knitting Factory for A Taste of Iceland and LOVED your set. What can we expect when in Reykjavik? Will you be more people on stage? Sing in Icelandic? In any case, we can’t wait to see you again!
A: Thank you ! well promise a powerful show thats all i can say for now !

Q: If you could have any musical instrument in the world, which one would it be and why?
A: steel drums/ steel pans , Grand piano or Trumpet. I can’t decide…

Q: If you could choose to live in a decade (music, style, etc.), which one would it be?
A: being in my 20s in the 90s to be in the prime of triphop. But i’m pretty happy living in this decade.

Thank you so much, Margrét, for your time and all your wonderful suggestions. Now, we are not only looking forward to seeing you live again but also to try out one or the other of your recommendations.

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Listen to “Night and Day”, Vök’s latest single, and our recent Song Pick of the Day:

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*** Iceland Airwaves App as of Friday evening:

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