SONG PICK: Máni Orrason – Picture I Recall (#Airwaves2018)



SONG PICK: Máni Orrason – Picture I Recall (#Airwaves2018)

Right in time before I am heading to Reykjavik for Iceland Airwaves, comes “Picture I Recall” by Máni Orrason, who -you might have guessed it- hails from exactly that country. “Picture I Recall” is hauntingly beautiful, with a big dose of melancholy, softness and vulnerability. The artist reveals the following about his new single:

“Picture I Recall’ is a song about identity. One of the few people I feel like I’m able to be completely open and comfortable with is my partner. With them, I feel like I can take off the mask, break the facade, feel a little closer to whatever my “true self” is. I wanted the song and video to reflect the intimacy of our relationship and the beauty of vulnerability. In ‘Picture I Recall’ I’m really just asking if you can be seem the same way by a complete stranger and by the person you love the most.”

Listen to “Picture I Recall”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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