SONG PICK: Kidsmoke – Rising Sun



SONG PICK: Kidsmoke – Rising Sun

Defined by a driving, pulsating beat, and an overall crazy catchy vibe, “Rising Sun” is a song that strikes a chord with every psychedelic guitars lover. “Rising Sun” is the new single by Welsh dream-pop quartet Kidsmoke, and it announces their upcoming album with verve.  Frontman Lance Williams explains about the track:

“The first two lines I wrote for Rising Sun were ‘I don’t want to follow’ and ‘I feel your love’. I wanted the song to be centred around those lyrics, so I started thinking about how they could be linked somehow. The song ended up being about pushing against what other people expect of you, even if that pressure is coming from the people you are closest to.”

Listen to “Rising Sun”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo by: Tom Mason

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