SONG PICK: Suns Up – Love You Back



SONG PICK: Suns Up – Love You Back

Just when the days get shorter, the weather colder and the duller colors dominate, “Love You Back” comes along, so shiny, beautiful and bright, that any hint of melancholy doesn’t stand a chance! “Love You Back” is only the second single by English four-piece Suns Up, and it is guitar driven pop in perfection. The band reveals about their track:

“’Love You Back’ is this first song we wrote as a band, so it feels great to share it with the world. It was recorded in a beautiful old chapel in the countryside which lent to the depth and character of the recording, but also gave us the space and freedom to experiment with different things to really have fun with the track.”

The fun is apparent and the joy palpable. Listen to “Love You Back”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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