SONG PICK: Unknown Caller – See You Again



SONG PICK: Unknown Caller – See You Again

The second single by Brooklyn-based artist Unknown Caller charms the listener with its overall laid-back vibe, exquisite guitar work, and a vocal delivery that brings to mind someone like Julian Casablancas… Big name comparisons aside, “See You Again” is a truly fantastic song, irresistible sound and pensive lyrics alike!

Alex Liechtenstein, the musician behind the moniker Unknown Caller, reveals the following about his new single:

“‘See You Again’ is about people and places that appear in your life – perhaps briefly, perhaps enduring – and impact your worldview in a way you don’t always realize in the moment. There’s something refreshing about the spontaneity of certain interactions, especially during a period where every connection is trackable. The meaning also parallels never being able to see a person again because of change, but there’s a certain beauty in remembering them as they once were.”

Granted, this will resonate with basically all of us. Who doesn’t remember the impact of encounters while brief, being long-lasting? I certainly do, and the more years I accumulate, the more such experiences increase too, and now they even have a cool soundtrack to remember them by!

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