SONG PREMIERE: Whyte Horses – Next Year Will Be Mine



SONG PREMIERE: Whyte Horses – Next Year Will Be Mine

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with some great music? While the familiar and beloved songs are welcomed, something fresh thrown in the mix is even better! The more we are thrilled to premiere “Next Year Will Be Mine”, the merry new single by Manchester psych-pop collective Whyte Horses, sporting a beautiful and hopeful message, and a chorus so cheery, it makes you want to sing along instantly.

Dom Thomas provides the following insight:

“I always wanted to write a Christmas song that had something to do with the same songs being on the radio every year. I like songs about the passing of time, patterns of life and the human condition. We all need a bit of hope going into the new year and ‘Next Year Will Be Mine’ tries to paint that picture. The beauty is it can be sung at the end of next year if things don’t work out.”

Listen to the festive “Next Year Will Be Mine”, our Song Premiere:

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For your playlist on SoundCloud – together with another holiday song, the stellar “Coldest Night Of The Year”:

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