VIDEO PREMIERE: Glitch Cake – Tension



VIDEO PREMIERE: Glitch Cake – Tension

“Tension”, the latest single by Brooklyn-based dark disco electro-pop duo Glitch Cake, got an effervescent visual treatment, and we are excited to premiere the exquisite music video today. Glitch Cake are comprised of Kat Tingum (vocals, electronics) and Poyraz Aldemir (drums, electronics), providing the following insight: 

“We’re inspired by how glitch art can digitally alter reality, and we utilize glitch video art as a medium in our live shows and music videos. In the Tension music video, we wanted to capture a woman’s break from reality and bring everyone around her into her wild fantasy world. As the music video progresses her world becomes more warped and fragmented.”

It is not easy to pull off an effect-heavy video and at the same time keep a suspenseful narrative going. Yet, while plentiful, the diverse visual effects are expertly used to support the lyrical context. When Kat repeatedly pleads to “build the tension, make it last”, she swirls and sparkles through the video, accompanied by six lovely dancers, and makes us want to be part of her experience too. 

This is one fantastic, psychedelic ride that gets wilder and more fun the longer it lasts. More of this, please! 

Watch “Tension”, our video premiere, now:

Directed by Kat Tingum // Produced by Ginger Spark Productions and Kelly O’Connor // Camera: Anthony Rinaudo // Video Editing: Kat Tingum // Choreography by Brittini Schreiber // Cast: Alyssa Easterly, Brian Skellenger, Brittini Schreiber, Jennifer Suter, Kat Tingum, Kelly O’Connor, Vahni Cantino

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==> See Glitch Cake live on January 17, when the dynamic duo plays the first glamglare party of the year. Details here!

Listen to “Tension” on Spotify and add the track to your playlist:

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