SONG PICK: Chaunter – Boo Cat (VIDEO)



SONG PICK: Chaunter – Boo Cat (VIDEO)

Where to possibly start? Music first! “Boo Cat” is a fantastic song, with interesting instrumentation and great vocals, and without knowing that it has been composed by Baltimore duo Chaunter, one might think of psych-pop superstars MGMT.

With that out-of-the-way, we can have a closer look at the video itself, which is excellent in its surrealism and its execution. Definitely not your average out-of-the-box band video. Comprised of Jenghis Pettit and Brooks Kossover, we will hear more from the enchanting duo, who is preparing their full length debut album for later this year.

For now, watch “Boo Cat” and listen to our Song Pick of the Day:

Director: Molly Soda Producer, Brooks Kossover // Director of Photography: Tyler W. Davis 1st Assistant Director: Laura Gede // Production Designer: Jeffrey R. Rettberg // Casting: Tommy Bruce // Editing: Jeffrey R. Rettberg

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