SONG PICK: Geographer – Summer of my Discontentment



SONG PICK: Geographer – Summer of my Discontentment

“Summer of my Discontentment” is the first and wistfully gorgeous new single from Geographer‘s upcoming EP, due out March 8th. This EP marks a special turning point in the artist’s life, which even non-artists will be able to relate to, because the vast majority of us has moved from A to B at one point in our lives. Here is some further insight to what Mike Deni, who goes by the moniker Geographer, has experienced:

“Last year I gave up my apartment of 10 years in San Francisco, and started a 6 month period of wandering that ended with me moving to LA in September. All the music that I wrote during that time, I’ve compiled into an EP that I’m most likely going to call ‘New Jersey’, but I’m not sure.”

There is more to the story though! Geographer continues further:

“‘Summer of My Discontentment’ is the first song I wrote during my time without a home. It began in what used to be my home, New Jersey, where I wrote the piano riff that spans for most of the song. I filed it away for later, because I felt there was something special there, I just didn’t know what. I spent the month of August at my friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills, plant sitting, and looking for an apartment, and he had an old spinet piano from his wife’s grandfather, I think. One day I sat down and played something that reminded me of that riff, so I dug it out, and in 2 hours, I had written the entire song, everything except the lyrics. All I had was the chorus lyric, and that informed the concept. It would be a song capturing the feeling I had the summer before I went to college, when all I wanted to do was leave my tiny, sleepy, dead end town in New Jersey, where I spent every night getting drunk in the woods or at parentless houses with my 5 best friends.”

Listen to “Summer of my Discontentment”, a beautiful slice of modern synth-pop and our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Brittany O’Brien